Tuition, Dormitory & Other Expenses (1 Year Course)


School Expense First Year Second Year Total
Enrollment Fee 80,000 JPY
Facility Fee 35,000 JPY
Materials & Activity Fee 20,000 JPY
Tuition Fee 600,000 JPY 600,000 JPY (April Enrollment)
300,000 JPY (October Enrollment)
1,200,000 JPY (April Enrollment)
900,000 JPY (October Enrollment)
Application Fee 20,000 JPY
Total 755,000 JPY 600,000 JPY (April Enrollment)
300,000 JPY (October Enrollment)
1,355,000 JPY (April Enrollment)
1,055,000 JPY (October Enrollment)

* The above-mentioned fee may change based on school’s decision. So you are requested to confirm the fee before you apply.

** Students must complete their payment cycle even if they terminate their admission in between the course.


Other Expense
Accident Insurance 8,000 JPY
Medical Check * 2,000 JPY
National Health Insurance (1Year) 18,500 JPY
Total 28,500 JPY

* All students must take a Medical Check by Japanese Law


Bank Commission * 6,000 JPY

* 8,000 JPY for Nepalese & Bangladeshi Students


Dormitory (6 Months) ◆ Shared Room
Runesans21 & Rupo Kenchoguchi Dorm
Entrance Fee 30,000 JPY
Equipment Fee 20,000 JPY
Utilities 33,000 JPY
Room Rent (15000円×6 Months) 90,000 JPY
Futon & Blanket Fee 6,000 JPY
Facility Fee 10,000 JPY
Total 189,000 JPY

* Single Room price is also available based on request


Students with Dormitory
Students without Dormitory
978,500 JPY 789,500 JPY

* All the students are requested to pay the Application Fee before commencing the application process.

** The school will deduct half of the 6 months’ dormitory fee in the case you cancel your admission after receiving Certificate of Eligibility and Paying all the Fees to our school. In addition, the same rule will be applicable if you fail to receive a VISA from the embassy of Japan in your country.

*** Please be aware that when paying by wire transfer, additional fees may apply for both your bank and our bank. Please ask your bank or our staff for more information.

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