Event Information: Let’s watch a soccer game!

Soccer is not just Europe sport… Japan also has a big fan base, and here in Fukuoka, we have a Football Club of our very own called Avispa Fukuoka. At the home stadium of the team, the Level Five Stadium, we’ll witness the excitement and passion of the players and supporters.

Adventure club presents upcoming September event: going to a soccer game in our very own city, Fukuoka. The opponent for this game is Matsumoto-Yamaga FC from Nagano, eastern Japan.

DATE: 8, September (Sat) 2018

TIME: 4:00pm~TBD

PLACE: School (Meeting Place before departure) at 4:00 pm

DESTINATION: Level Five Stadium (Higashi-hirao, Fukuoka)

FEE: 940 yen (for transportation)

APPLICATION: Please apply for the event at the school administration office.

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