Sports Day

In Japanese schools “sports day” (運動会, undōkai) is held during the Summer. It involves both students and their parents and it strenghtens the spirit of cooperation. Today at our school we had our version of a sports day, dubbed a “Recreation Festival”, where teams composed of a mix of Japanese and international students from the morning classes competed against one another in four games at the nearby public gym with prizes for the winners. The games were:

  • Carrying a ball on one’s back (背中でボール運び, Senaka de bōru-hakobi)
  • Spin and dribble (ぐるぐるドリブル, Guruguru doriburu)
  • Carrying a ball on a ping pong racket (ラケットでボール運び,Raketto de bōru-hakobi)
  • String steal and run (紐取り鬼ごっこ, Himotori onigokko)

The winning team was Class 3, and for their efforts they recieved four bags full of sweets and candies! Some students also assisted one of our teachers in a freestyle football performance.

It was a great opportunity for the Japanese and international students to get to know each other and have a cultural exchange.

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